"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone
can start today and make a new ending."

- Maria Robinson
Professional Clinical Psychology Private Practice
Free 15mins

Skills Group

Interactive Resilience
Skills Group

For professionals interested in rising above anxiety and mood challenges to flourish at work and personal life. 


Description of Group

Areas of optimal performance, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, wise decision-making and self-leadership will be covered through evidence based interactive workshops and supportive sharing. Members will have the chance to connect and grow together in a friendly, safe and open space. 

Harley St. London, W1G

If interested, please call or email lindsayip.dr@gmail.com,
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the CEO of
your life


There is no health without mental health and your social and emotional well-being is essential to your quality of life. Are you feeling stressed, stuck, lost, lonely or depressed? Do you feel that something is missing in your life or blocking you from maximizing your potentials? Do you struggle with finding the meaning of life? These are normal experiences in life and therapy can support you through tough times or help you turn from good to great. I will support you to overcome obstacles in life, grow, find

engagement and meaning through allowing you a safe space to process emotions, identifying patterns in your life and introducing effective coping skills.I'm honored to walk the journey of growth and healing with many of my clients.


Dr. Ip is wise beyond her years and incredibly compassionate and supportive. She worked closely with my GP and helped me understand the relationship between my physical and emotional conditions. I have gained significant peace since incorporating skills such as cognitive reframing and mindfulness in my life and my panic attacks were significantly reduced.



I was under immense pressure from my divorce and work when I first met Dr. Ip. She helped me process the hurt and abuse in the past while also offered practical skills to help me manage my current stressors. Her approach was even tailored to my cultural and spiritual practice! I have since overcomed what I thought was impossible and found satisfying work and relationships.


Hae, U.

Dr. Ip provided a comfortable space and a gentle way to guide me to  process my emotions and make wiser decisions. This is particularly helpful given that I was brought up in a rather stoic culture. I now have a much better understanding of myself and a more positive outlook of life


Grace C.

Harley Street, London 

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